HP Omen 15 Proves It In 2019: 5 Top Features HP Omen Has For Gamers

Finally, a gaming laptop capable of meeting your high performance expectations.

The HP Omen 15 is a powerhouse gaming laptop that embraces the Max-Q design approach. 

HP takes the ultimate in GeForce gaming and houses it in a sleek design. The high-tech look and feel identify it as a gaming device without looking like a "try hard."  

The Omen 15 does not just feature a stylish lo...

Asus Boosts Gaming Experience: 5 Reasons Why People Choose Asus Gaming Laptops

Back in the primordial days of gaming, enthusiasts had to custom build their own systems almost from scratch. 

They used parts scavenged from computer stores, old computers and lucky finds at garage sales. These rarely became beautiful works of art, but they did gave gamers the best of everything in terms of performance, graphics and simple gaming experience. 

As unique as they were, there was one thing they all had in common.

They offered little in the way of convenience or style. Forget portability. Moving the...

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga Laptop For Business Use

Business users around the world see the Lenovo Thinkpad range of products as an industry standard by which to measure all other business laptops. 

Their early days under the IBM umbrella, one of the world's premier technology companies for decades, established high performance standards that Lenovo has consistently maintained. 

Designed with the security-conscious business user in mind, it offers a range of top-notch features all designed to help even the most budget-conscious get the job done and done well.

More recent is the Lenovo Yoga lin...

Guidelines On How To Setup Your DJI Osmo Camera Recorder

Amateurs and professionals alike often face the same challenge, how to get a smooth and steady video footage.

Well financed filmmakers have fancy dollies and booms designed to hold their cameras steady during even the most action-packed of sequences. Hobbyists and even many professionals lacking this equipment will struggle to mimic this. They rest their device, whatever it may be, on a wall, a tripod, or a jury-rigged dolly.

Best efforts under these conditions lead to mixed results at best. 

The DJI Osmo handheld gimbal with 4K camera is...

How Reliable Are 8TB and 10TB Hard Drives?

We’re now living in the era of “Big Data”. Even people who have computers for personal use only will quickly find that their hard drive fills up with photos, music, games, and videos. Professional photographers, videographers, and other people who work with large files on a daily basis will need even more disk space.

Businesses also need high capacity file storage for backup purposes – a need which can quickly run into several terabytes for even small companies with just a few employees.

Luckily, data storage has become much more affordable in recent years. While not that long ago the idea of a 1TB...

Your CPU Can Do More: Overclock And Speed Up Your AMD Ryzen CPU Laptops

When it comes to your laptop, everyone wants more speed and power. With a more powerful CPU, you’ll get a higher performance machine that runs faster and smoother.

Entry-level processors are ok if you’re just doing basic computer tasks like web browsing and word processing, but if you want to use your laptop for gaming, video editing, or you’re finding that your current system is grinding to a halt when you’re running several applications at once, you will need more power.

However you don’t always need t...

7 Important Things You Must Do To Secure Your NAS

Network-attached storage, or NAS, is a practical solution for storing large amounts of data and being able to access it from any location.

A NAS drive acts like a mini server that creates its own network that any other device can access, provided it has the correct credentials. This setup is ideal for small businesses that need collaborative access to files, and it’s faster than using a cloud storage service.

NAS also offers additional peace of mind for those who have privacy or security concerns over cloud storage. As...

SSD Versus HDD: Which Is Faster, Which Is Better

When it comes to choosing file storage for your computer, you have two main options: HDD or SSD. The type of drive that’s best for you depends on a number of different factors including your budget, the amount of storage you need, and how you will be using it.

A decade ago, the vast majority of computers used HDDs, but the price of SSDs has come down, while the capacity has increased, making them a more attractive option for many people.

Which is right for you? Re...