Which company do you use for delivery services? 
We generally use Australia Post eParcel. For some items, we send with Couriers Please, Fastway or any other couriers suitable for your area.

How do I track my order?
Once your item has been dispatched, an automated email will be sent to your registered address informing you of the consignment number and delivery service used for your order. You can use this consignment number to track your order at the delivery company’s website ( or .

I'm not a registered user, how do I track my order?
Customers who made any purchases using our guest checkout can now track their orders here.

The tracking number appears to be invalid on the delivery company’s online tracking system. What does that mean?
Tracking events will generally be updated after 6pm on the same day of dispatch. This is because your order is marked as dispatched when the delivery company is picking up your order, but may not be updated in the tracking system immediately. If the tracking number still appears to be invalid the next day, please contact us and we will try our best to resolve the issue.

Can I change my shipping address?
Yes, as long as your order has not been dispatched. If you decide to change your shipping address, please contact us via phone 02 8338 8899 so we can make sure your item is not prepared for dispatch. Once the order has been prepared for dispatch, we cannot guarantee we can make amendments. This is because all prepared orders are placed in a cage to await pick up by the delivery company.

Do you allow pick up?
Unfortunately we do not allow pick up at this stage.  As we are always trying to provide more delivery options for our valued customers, we are hoping we have this feature in our next phase.

Can I send to a different address than my billing address?
Yes.  Our system allows you nominate a different shipping address during checkout.

Do you do drop shipping?
Yes. Simply nominate the correct shipping address. The recipient will not receive any invoice as our invoices are emailed to your registered email account. They are also printable when you log in to your Shopping Express account. As a drop shipper, you are responsible in providing your customer the relevant information about the product that you will send through.

I received an item from someone as a gift.  Can I check who sent it to me?
We value our customer’s privacy and will not disclose the sender's information to anyone unless the sender has consented to allowing us to disclose the information to you, or it is required or authorised by law.  Your sender is responsible in contacting you or providing you any such information.

What happens if no one is home when my order is delivered?
If you are not around, a reminder notice will be dropped in your mailbox or a contact number will be left by the courier company so that you can arrange to collect your item at a later time.

Why did I only receive part of my item?
If your order contains more than 1 parcel, it may be arrive at a different date.  We advise you to wait a few more days to see if the rest arrives.  If you still do not receive the other parcels in a few days time, please contact us for further assistance.

How long is your normal dispatch and delivery time?
Dispatch time, is the general estimated time the product will leave our warehouse to you. It does not mean delivery time. for delivey times please see below ( Please not these are from day of disaptch)

Sydney 1-2 business days
NSW / ACT 1-3 business days
VIC 2-5 business days
QLD 2-5 business days
SA 3-5 business days
WA 3-6 business days
NT 4-6 business days
TAS 3-6 business days


I need this item urgently, can you post express?
No, unfortunately, we do not offer express postal service at this stage.

Do you provide a tax invoice?
Yes, we do.  During checkout we provide the option to get your invoice sent out together with your goods.  Right after you complete checkout, we also give you the option to print your tax invoice instantly.  In addition, all invoices will still be sent through email or otherwise printable from your Shopping Express user account (for registered users only).

My Account

How do I register a new account?

Registering a new account with us is fast and easy.  Simply click the “register” link on our webpage and fill in your user name and email address. We will send you a verification mail and you will become a member once you verified that your email address is valid. For convenience's sake, a link is provided here.

I forgot my password or login. What do I do?
Rest assured, you are not the only person.  There are 2 ways you can resolve this issue.  First option is to click on the "Forgot your Password?" link at the login page.  After that, simply key in your user ID and email address registered and click submit. Your password will be sent to your email address. The second option goes for those unfortunate to have totally forgotten their login and registered email: simply create a new account with us.

I cannot log in with my password. How do I resolve this?
If you are certain that your inability to log in has nothing to do with your account password, we advise you to first try to delete the cookies related to Shopping Express.  Cookies are pieces of information that are stored in your PC so that you can load a web page that you visited previously at a faster speed.  If problems persist, you may wish to try using another browser.  If you need assistance, send us a query and we will get right back to you.

How can I change my password?
 Changing a password is fast and easy.  First you need to log in with your existing password.  Second, you go to your “user information” section and select “change password.”  Key in your new password, double confirm and click “change password” and it is done.

How can I ask you a question?
Our friendly and helpful customer support can be reached through our email ticketing system.

Can I change my email address?
Yes you can.  You need to contact us, send a notification with the current email address you have with us and the email address you would like changed to.  We will then be able to transfer your old transaction history to the new address and log in.

How do I subscribe to your newsletter?
You are able to subscribe to our newsletter in the following ways:
-         Leave the subscribe newsletter box checked at the create user page when you register a login with us
-         If you are existing user, please log in to your Shopping Express account and check the subscribe newsletter option and click update

How do I unsubscribe to your newsletter?
You are able to subscribe our newsletter in the following ways:
-         Please login to your Shopping Express account and uncheck the subscribe newsletter option and click update
-         If you receive our newsletter, you can follow the link unsubscribe on the newsletter page which will direct you to unsubscribe the newsletter.

I have unsubscribed to your newsletter, why am I still receiving it?
This could be due to the following reason:
-         Your cancellation of subscription may be received and updated after our latest newsletter has been sent out.  In this scenario, we suggest you check again the next day.  If you still continue to receive newsletters from us, please take a screenshot of it and email to us for further assistance.
-         You could actually be subscribed to our RSS feeds.  In this scenario, you need to actually cancel these through your mail provider.

I subscribed to your newsletter, why do I never receive it?
Your mail provider has classified our newsletter as junk.  To solve this issue you need to first add us into “your contacts”.  For newsletters that had already gone into your junk mail, you need to go to your junk mail category, check all newsletters belonging to Shopping Express and update it by selecting the “not spam” button.

I have contacted your company for days, why do I never receive a reply?
Your business and concerns are very important to us and we will never do this deliberately. For tickets over the weekend, please allow a buffer of 48 hours.  However, should you not receive a reply within our promised time frame, you could try sending us another ticket regarding the same issue just to be sure the ticket reached us.

Besides email, what other forms of contact do you offer?
At the moment we only accept email as our form of contact.  We will definitely implement new contact method in the near future.

Do you have a contact number?  I need someone to talk to.
We apologize that we are not offering phone support or Live Chat at this stage, which we will sooner than later.  We will inform our members once a new form of contact becomes available.

I want to merge my account to combine the reward points and past transaction, is it possible?
Yes, it is definitely possible.  To do so, we need you to contact us, a notification with the old email address/login you have with us and the new email address/login you would like merged to.  We will then be able to transfer your old transaction history to the new address and login.

How can I get an invoice?
You will receive an invoice attached in our notification mail when your item has been dispatched.  Alternatively, if you are a registered user with us, you can login to your account and print it out by going to your transaction history section and selecting the invoice you wish to print out, and clicking the print button on the page.


I do not wish to become a member.  Can I buy from you?
We require customers to setup a buyer account. Guest account is not available.

How secure is your checkout system?
 We respect and understand the importance of our customers’ privacy and sensitive data provided.  Customers shopping with us will have peace of mind knowing that we have a 100% secure shopping cart using Comodo’s SSL 128 bit secure certificates.  Comodo is one of the most established Certification Authorities worldwide at the moment and the security certificate they provide is used to protect data during our checkout and payment process stages where a “small padlock” appears at the bottom right of your browser window and also changing the web page address to start with https://. If you are curious as to the difference between http and https, read this guide here.

I try to checkout but the item is no longer available. What happened? 
This could be due to the following reason:
-         You have been timed out by our shopping cart system.  If you are inactive in our website for a certain period of time, our system will time you out and empty your shopping cart. This is for security reasons.
-         Some other customer(s) bought the last of the item you had in the cart before you finished your checkout.

I have completed my order but cannot complete checkout What's wrong?
This could be due to the following reasons:
-         Some of your information is not matching or incorrect.  Please check through your information such as your suburb and postcode and make sure they match.
-         Currently we only ship within Australia.  Therefore you have to make sure your shipping address and billing address are within Australia.  If you are staying outside of Australia, you need to make your billing address the same as your shipping address.  As we only email invoices to our customers instead of mailing, the recipient will not receive any invoice even if you do the above suggestion.  Invoices will only be sent to the registered email for the purchase.
-         There could be some error or decline in your credit card.  This could be a temporary problem or limitation with the credit card you are using for checkout.  You could try using another card, use another payment method or try to checkout at another time.
If problems still persist or you only have one method of payment, please email us stating the exact details of the error message you receive during check out as well as a detailed description of the steps you have taken from initial check out till you receive the error.

Do you allow pickups?
Unfortunately we do not allow pickups at this stage.  As we are always trying to provide more delivery options for our valued customers, we are hoping we have this feature in our next phase.

How can I check my order status?
Once we pay for something, we expect to have a record and also know what is going on with the order.  We make sure our customers is not left in the dark about an order and worrying when they expect to receive the product.  Our registered user can login to their account to track the status of an order.  Each status of an order will be updated live from processing, packing till dispatching so that our customers know what we have done to their order. Once the item is dispatched, they will receive a notification email informing them of the courier used and the associated tracking number.  This piece of information will then be used for customer as a guide on when they should expect the product after it left our warehouse.  For guest user, you will not be able to track the status and process of your order before we dispatch, but will receive the same notification email once item has been dispatched.

Can I receive an invoice before I receive my item?
Yes you can.  After you complete your checkout, you will be able to print the invoice instantly using the print invoice function on the page.  For registered users, you can also print the invoice out by logging into your account, go to your desired invoice under transaction history and click the print button on the page.

How can I make changes to my order?
To make changes to your order, you need to inform us before we dispatch your order.  After notifying us, you will need a confirmation from us whether an order can be changed.  Once an order has been dispatched, you cannot make any changes to it. 

Can I cancel my order?
Before an item is being processed at our warehouse, you can cancel your order as long as you receive confirmation from us that your order can be cancelled or has been cancelled.  Once it is dispatched, we cannot cancel it. 

I received the wrong item, what should I do?
You need to contact us and our relevant department will get in touch with you to schedule a return of the item.  The return postage in this instance will be paid by us.

What is a back order?
A back order is an order status for when an item is not in stock and we need to get stock from our supplier.  This scenario can happen in the following conditions:
-         You have purchased an item that we mentioned will take around 3 to 5 working days for delivery.  In this instance the item may is not in stock and we need to get it from our supplier.  If it takes longer than 5 working days, we will contact you with a new ETA and at the same time reconfirm your decision to proceed with the order.
-         You have purchased an item that does not have an accurate inventory stock count.  We do our best in keeping our inventory accurate, so this type of issue is kept to the minimum. 


Which payment methods do you accept?
*Credit Cards (Visa / Mastercard) (We will not post to PO Box for orders paid by credit card)
*Electronic transfer (bank deposit, internet transfer)

What credit card do you guys accept?
Visa and Mastercard only.

 How secure is it to use credit cards on your site?
Your privacy and information is 100% secure when using our checkout system.  We employ a secured payment gateway so that customer can shop with us safely knowing that we do not store their credit card information in our system.  All information you provided is encrypted in our secured checkout payment system using Comodo digital security certificate, one of the most established Certification Authorities worldwide at the moment.  We use firewalls and VPNs for our network security. 

How do I pay using Electronic Transfer?
Our bank account details are as follows:

Bank: Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Name: Shopping Express Pty Ltd
BSB: 062770
Account Number: 10083657

When you have chosen direct deposit payment method, please allow up to 4 working days for payment confirmation. Please ensure your Invoice or Order Number is included in the payment reference so we can identify your payment. If you do not receive confirmation for your payment from us after 4 working days, please contact us for further assistance.

 I need the item urgently, what is the best way to make a payment?
We strongly advise that if you need something urgent, contact us first to confirm that the product you need is ready for dispatch.  Payment through Paypal is always preferred, as a verified Paypal account will send payment instantly.

I can't use Paypal to complete the order - I have used the same Paypal account to purchase at many other places?
Please consider trying the following methods:
*Use a different browser (we suggest Google Chrome)
*Please make sure your Paypal address is identical to the registered billing address
*The price on our Website is in $AU, so make sure you have sufficient funds in your Paypal account
*Contact us for troubleshooting (02-83388899)
*Pay via electronic transfer – please email the payment details to once this is complete so we can amend your payment method.


Can I see the product before I buy?
We currently do not allow pick up, therefore you are unable to see the product before you make the purchase.

Do you price match?
Providing good customer service and timely delivery is our priority to our customers.  We believe price is not the only factor we should focus and operate upon.  At the same time, we are confident we offer the best prices on many of our products.  This is achieved thanks to our sourcing department.  We are happy to price match on similar products from our competitors should you happen to find it.  However, the competitor needs to be reputable and based in Australia.  For more information on, please check our price match policy.

Why is the price different from before when the product is back in stock?
This will be a common issue for products that we put in a promotion.  When we have a promotion for a product, the deal is finished either when the item gets sold out during the promotion period, or the promotion period ends.  This is because these batches of promotional items are items we either get at a special price during that period in a bulk purchase, or we are selling at under cost simply to clear some overstocked products, or we are just rewarding our customers with some unbeatable deals with these under cost products.  Therefore, the new price will be higher than previously when back in stock.

Do you reserve items?
Sorry we do not reserve items at this stage.  All items will be sold in a first come first serve basis.

How can I be informed of your latest products and deals?
We are glad that you are interested in our latest products and deals.  We have the following ways to help you be the first to be informed of our latest products and deals:
-         Our newsletter subscription (registered accounts only) allows you to receive our hot deals coming up, as well as the latest products we have coming in to our range.  All these products are based on what is hot on the market at the moment selling at our attractive competitive price.
-         'Like'-ing us in our facebook.  By choosing to Like us in our facebook, you can check out the latest deals and new products similar to our newsletter daily.  At the same time, we have ongoing facebook exclusive deals to keep our fans happy and feel involved.

What are refurbished products?
You may notice that sometimes we sell product that is labeled as refurbished.  These items are products that are either:
-         Brand new products that have damage packaging
-         Repaired items from the supplier that is in working condition but does not have the right packaging
-         Brand new products returned from a retail shop to supplier that may have missing instruction booklets or some other package content such as installation CDs, but nothing major or critical for the product is missing.
-         Floor stock or demo unit that has been on display before.  In some cases, minor cosmetic defects may occur.

Your price for a product just dropped after I buy the item, can I get the new price?
You will notice that our price change frequently for some of our products such as Computer and IT products.  This is due to the nature of the business and putting ourselves in a competitive edge.  We may also have some promotions that cause some price drop in our products.  Our intention is to let customers enjoy even more savings on their purchase.  We regret that we are unable to apply discounts to any purchase done before the price change.  However, if there is a situation where your item happens to fall between our advertised promotion period and is valid for the promotion, while the price did not dropped during the advertised period until the period after you bought, you need to contact us and we will rectify this problem for you.

Do I get bulk discount if I buy more?
We may able to offer a bulk discount if you buy more on certain products.  You may send us a request at stating the quantity you are interested in and the link to the product you enquire.

Shopping Security 

How do I know if I am in a secured page?
We take customer privacy and security of their information very seriously.  When you use our checkout system, you will notice that  a “small padlock” appears at the bottom right of your browser window and also the web page address start with https://.  This shows you are entering a secured page where your data will be encrypted by security certificate provided by Comodo, one of the most established Certification Authorities worldwide at the moment.  People that try to intercept the data will only see numbers and words in unreadable format.

How can you convince me that you are a secure website?
We take customer privacy and security of their information very seriously.  We take the following steps to help make our website secure:
-         We use security certificate by Comodo, one of the most established Certification Authorities worldwide, for our checkout system.  This ensure your data is encrypted and safe.
-         We employ a secure and trusted third party company called ScanAlert, to monitor and prevent unauthorized access to our servers.  If there is any breach in security, we will be notified immediately. 
-         We do not and will never store any information about your credit card details in our system.
-         We use network security measures such as firewall and VPNs.

What information is kept with your company?
We only take information that is necessary for us to complete a transaction with you.  This will mean taking some personal information such as your full name, billing/shipping address and email address.  Other information that are kept will be that which you provide to us during our interaction through email which will be strictly kept in privacy. This will only be used if the information provided by you is a suggestion to us for improvement of our system, or a suggestion of a product for us to sell.  We do not and will never store any information about your credit card details in our system.  For more information, you can check our privacy statement.

Warranty and Return Policy 

The product I bought from you is faulty, what should I do?
All hardware purchased from us is covered by a manufacturer warranty for a certain period (generally one year unless otherwise specified). If you are unsure whether your product is still under warranty, please send a query to Please provide your invoice number and give a description of the problem - our support team will assist you from there.  We may request that you provide a photo of the product in some cases. 

I received my item but it is damaged, what should I do?
If your item is physically damaged, please make sure you keep all packaging as we may need it to claim insurance with our delivery company. Please take a photo of the damaged part and the parcel received.  Contact us at:, providing us with the invoice number, the photo attached, and a full description of the damage. 

If you purchased postal insurance for that particular item, we can arrange the replacement for you as soon as the damaged unit has been returned to us. However, if no postal insurance was purchased, we cannot guarantee we can provide any compensation.

The product I buy does not work straight out of the box, what's wrong?
As all hardware is covered by manufacturer warranty, please call the product's manufacturer and troubleshoot with one of their technicians. Please do so within 7 days of receiving the item (DOA period), otherwise your product may become ineligible for an exchange/ refund and subject to a repair only. If they determine that the item is indeed faulty, please obtain a case or reference number and get in touch with us at, providing us the invoice number and a full description of the problem you faced. 

We will then open a case for you, and issue you with a returns material authorisation (RMA) number. If you contact us within 7 days of receiving the item, we can book a return consignment for you to send the faulty unit to us without being charged at the post office. Outside of this period DOA, however, your return will be processed under normal warranty procedures, and you will be responsible for return postage costs.

Contact list for major manufacturers:

Acer 1300 365 100     Asus 1300 2787 88         Belkin 1800 235 546           BenQ 1300 130 336
Canon 13 13 83          D-Link 1300-766-868      HP 13 10 47                        Iomega 1800 6845 92
LG 1300 54 2273        Lenovo 1300 557 073     Logitech 1800 025 544       Netgear 1300 361 254
Toshiba 13 30 70      Samsung 1300 362 603   ViewSonic 1800 880 818    Seagate 1800 14 7201
Western Digital 1800 429 861

I received my item but I changed my mind, can I return it?
As long as the item is in brand new condition, where the packaging it not opened or unsealed in any way, we can accept a return for refund on the item's sales price. If the packaging has been opened, we may charge a 15% restocking fee, as we will no longer be able to sell the unit as brand new.  Please contact us at before making any returns for further advice.

I have lost the original packaging of the item.  Can I return it?
Yes, you can still return the item under warranty as long as it satisfies the conditions in our warranty returns policy. However, we cannot accept change of mind returns without original packaging.

If I use you to drop ship, how do I deal with the warranty of my customer that buys your faulty product?
Unfortunately, Shopping Express does not allow transfer of warranty to 3rd parties.  It is your responsibility to handle your customer’s on that aspect.  We can only process the warranty claim under you and your order number.

Can I return your item to your warehouse instead of sending it back?
No. Unfortunately, we do not currently have the resources to facilitate for walk-in customers.

What cannot be replaced or returned?
Consumable items (such as CD, DVD media, printer ink cartridges) and software cannot be replaced or returned once sold.

What is your policy under RTS (Return To Sender)?
Return to Sender occurs when the delivery company cannot get the parcel to you and returns the parcel to us at our cost.

-         If the reason of RTS is due to an error made by us resulting in parcel not sent to the correct address, we acknowledge our mistake and will resend the parcel to the correct address at our cost.
-         If the reason of RTS is due to an error on your part and as a result, we incurred the additional charges by our delivery company, we reserve the right to pass the incurred charges to you as a condition of resending the parcel to you. 

Errors on your part could be due to you providing an incomplete or incorrect shipping address due to mistake or negligence (incomplete shipping address applies to not putting a Company Name where delivery is sent to a business address).   It can also be due to your failure to collect the parcel within the time frame (usually around 2 weeks) advised on the reminder notice left by the nominated courier in your mailbox during their attempted delivery  (It is your responsibility to check on the courier’s online tracking system to make sure that the item is ready for pickup. Not receiving the reminder notice due to it missing in your mailbox is not a valid reason for your inaction).

If the above-mentioned scenario occurs, you have the option to cancel this order when it has been returned to us; by which we will then refund you the amount you paid for the order, minus all shipping costs incurred as well as a restocking and handling fee (amount is around 10% of item or minimum of $10 whichever is higher).  Therefore, we strongly advise customers to check their shipping address carefully, track the whereabouts of the item once we send a dispatch notification, and at the same time communicate with us beforehand if you have some change in plan or if you need to go on a holiday and prefer us to send your item at a later date.  RTS is a situation we do not wish to deal with, as it will not benefit our customer or us at all.  Our contact number (02 8338 8899) is very useful for this type of communication and problem avoidance.